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Adi Bulboaca: 2 Day Photography Workshop

There is no better satisfaction in life, than being able to give wings to your passion! If photography is what you love and you wish to perfect your skills, as well as pursue a career in photography, then this workshop is just the thing for you! This two day workshop, will be taught by Internationally recognized photographer Adi Bolboaca. With over ten years of experience as a working professional photographer, Adi is one of Romania's best known and most succesful in the field.

Day 1: Adi will give a lecture on technique and what drives his passion for photography. He will also detail the steps necessary to turn your photography hobbie into a succesful career path.

Day 2: Adi will hold a Personal Portfolio Review for each participant, as well as a Question & Answer Session.

Don't miss your chance to enhance your passion for photography, as well as your skills, with our two day workshop!

Ticket price includes both workshop sessions.